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Ugg Boots and Shoes

Over the last few years, the UGG boots have gained more and more popularity. Lately, they have become a fashion staple, making their presence felt in shoe stores across the world. They are so popular that it is expected that this winter, department stores will barely keep up with the demand for this fashionable item. The UGG boots are very versatile, they come in various colors, shapes and styles, but they always guarantee comfort and warmth for your feet. Even celebrities wear them: Brad Pitt, Pamela Anderson, even Oprah Winfrey. They are definitely a hit and they are here to stay!

Today, there is a variety of boots available. Once can choose from tall to short boots that are plain, or filled with a splash of colors and patterns, or even with a crochet style that looks like your favorite sweater. The large variety of boots makes it possible to accessorize a look with the perfect boot that will match almost all outfits.

Although the style of the boot has remained virtually the same, the original UGG boots had more humble beginnings. They were often used in the Arctic regions and parts of rural China by farmers that were struggling to keep their feet warm. The raw material for the boots was readily available: sheepskin and wool. Across generations, the boots were perfected to efficiently thermally insulate the foot while at the same time allowing it to breathe. The boots would keep feet warm even in harsh weather.

The UGG boots then gained in popularity amongst World War I and World War II plane fighter plane pilots. Because the cockpit was typically non-pressurized and exposed to harsh cold environments, the flight pilots would use them to keep their feet warm at high altitudes.

The UGG boots became an instant hit when they were introduced to the mainstream by surfers and swimmers who used them to keep their feet warm and dry when coming out of the water. They soon became a fashion trend in southern California and from there, their popularity gained global proportions.

Although the term "ugg" stands for "ugly", the public soon fell in love with them. The contemporary styles are made of sheepskin lined with wool on the inside. These shoes are also famous for their comfortable plane sole. These shoes will for sure be a smashing success this upcoming winter season.