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The Toughest Interview Questions

One of the most difficult questions to answer while interviewing is the noted question, "Tell me a little about yourself." This is one question is asked in one form or another in almost every job interview. If answered wrong, it is the one question that could end your chance of getting a new job.

Many career and job search gurus offer basically the same answer to this traditional question. They may tell you to provide a overview of your career. Now that may be the correct answer. That answer may very well be what the manager wants to hear but don't you think it makes good business sense to make sure that your answer is the answer the manager is seeking?

Let's look at this question in a little more detail. Often when interviewing with managers, he or she may simply ask this question as a way to get the interview started. Remember the hiring manager has a full time job and interviewing people is only something he or she has to do every so often.

There is an ancient saying that goes, "He that answers a matter before he understands it, it is folly and shame unto him." So when you are asked the question, "Tell me a little about yourself." You really do not understand what the interviewer is trying to uncover. To answer the question with the assumption that you know what the interviewer wants, is as the proverb goes, pure folly.

Picture this if you are interviewing for a little family owned firm and the hiring asks you this question. You answer the question with a synopsis of your work. The owner might have wanted to know if you would fit in with the family like atmosphere. possibly the company has "Family Fridays" and you did not even mention your family. Right away, the owner does not think you will fit it.

The opposite might also occur if you responded to this question and the owner wanted you to tell him about a specific project, and you spoke about your family. The hiring manager in this instance might get the idea that you will spend too much time talking to your family and not fit in with this company.

So one of the biggest interview tips you should come away from this is when asked this difficult interview question find out what the owner really wants to know.

Try answering this question with an answer like, "Sure I would love to, where precisely would you like me to begin?"

This way, you will understand what the hiring manager really wants to know about you and answer the question after you truly know what is being asked.

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