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The Components of Satirical Political Cartoons

The initial issue which you have to know when drawing satirical political cartoons is the best way to make it funny. To start with, you can take the subject of your cartoon. Look at a picture of that person and make a note of a particular feature. The very best attribute that you simply can hone in on could be some thing that is actually obvious. It may well be a hairstyle, a mole on the face, the nose and so on. You are going to exaggerate this feature in your drawing to make it funny. Exaggeration is the important in satirical cartoons.

If your subject has a certain habit or mannerism - incorporate that in your satirical political cartoons. If this person can be rarely observed without a cigar, then you definitely should draw that in his hand so individuals can quickly comprehend who that person is. From there, it is possible to use your tips about producing your caricature of a political figure even funnier. Based on the subject of your cartoon, you might have a broad array of symbols to make use of. Rather than writing out the word peace in your caricature, wouldn't it be far better to use a dove?

There's no strict rule with political cartoons that you simply cannot use words so it is possible to use symbols in its place. You'll be able to also make use of captions or labels. This will make your cartoon even clearer for the audience. Somebody who does not comply with current events may possibly not get what you've drawn about but with all the proper symbols and captions, it is possible to get your message across. In the end, you'll get what you desired to have from them- an excellent laugh. They may even go so far as to shoot you an e mail about how they loved your cartoons.

Whenever you put together captions, symbols plus a great caricature, you will be successful in your job with drawing satirical political cartoons.