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The ANC has managed to obfuscate the truth about what they are doing towards and about those that oppose their tainted rule over the poor. As Mdlalose has shown, there's loads of actions that the government in current-day South Africa that aren't reported nor talked about. She, Bandile, provides us an ugly glimpse as in regards to the actuality of those that are' oppose the the ANC and its dysfunctional policies and acton towards the homeless, poor and distraught voting polity and collective of the poor.

South Africa has not undergone any revolution of any sort. African individuals while 'toy-toying', would carry wood weapons, and the "Povo" (African Polity supporting the wrestle and revolution) was never afforded the possibility to collectively have access or purchase any type of political education or mass military training the so sorely wanted; these so-referred to as guerrillas had been mashed up with the present apartheid army buildings, which have on the top extra White Coloured and indian Generals as high shelve personnel than they have Africans. The incoming African guerrillas which have been 'disappeared' throughout the constructions of the Apartheid SADF, are those who have been dying in bigger numbers and nobody actually talks about this truth; or the truth that the incoming guerrilla outfits were and have been conditioned by the Apartheid Protection drive, and had carved-out a niche for them in the mammoth ogre construction that is the SADF.

I first met Goldberg one weekday last summer time, within the hospital foyer. I had organized to stay and observe for 24 hours, accompanied every moment by Walter, who carried a trauma pager and a yellow folder of consent types. The rule was that I may observe a surgery if the affected person or a family member consented, and if I needed to do an interview, the affected person needed to signal a kind. Goldberg is 5 ft 2 inches tall, with a runner's build. She wore a grey mock-turtleneck sweater with no sleeves. Her hair is brief and there was a bit of gel in it that made it spiky. She explained that there are two primary classes of trauma: blunt and penetrating. Blunt trauma is like a beating, a fall. Penetrating is a gun or stab wound. Sadly we get a variety of penetrating traumas,” she mentioned. Temple sees 2,500 to 3,000 traumas per 12 months, around 450 of which were gunshot wounds in 2016.

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