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Custom Nike Dunk High SB Tigerflague

The Custom Nike Dunk High SB Tigerflague is one of the members of the Nike Dunks 'High' products, others in the same family being the likes of the Dunk High SB Custom Series 02 Pico Dos Sonhos, CZG, the Nike Dunk Dinosaur Junior and the Nike Dunk Hi Premium FC St. Pauli, among many others. Of all Nike Dunks 'High' products, though, it is the Custom Nike Dunk High SB Tigerflague that I have gotten to be most enchanted with, since I had the opportunity to use it.

For starters, the Custom Nike Dunk High SB Tigerflague is an unapologetically high shoe, towering as it does, at more than 3/4 of a foot at its highest point. The shoe starts of at a vantage point height-wise, of course, mainly thanks to its thick (and therefore elevated) sole. Although the front part of the shoe where the toes go in is made relatively flat (maybe in a bid to ensure the comfort of the wearer), it picks up a gradient immediately after the part where the toes go in, and raises steeply to its highest point towards the center of it, at the point where the shoe would ordinarily meet the wearer's foot-shaft, which is also the tip of the 'tongue' of the shoe. From this point, however, the height of the shoe does somewhat fall - again probably in an effort to ensure the utmost comfort of the wearer, so that the very back part of it, while still relatively high, is at least not as high as the area where the shoe meets the wearer's foot shaft.

Color-wise, at least 4 different colors can be identified on the Custom Nike Dunk High SB Tigerflague. In my particular pair of this shoe, for instance, there is a 'purplish' scheme that can be described as the shoe's main color by virtue of the prominent places on the shoe where it appears, although in overall terms, black has more presentation on the shoe than the said purple, occurring as it does on the soles of the shoe (the lower part of it, that is), and most of the shoe's front part. The presence of white on this shoe, however, cannot be underestimated: as white comes out prominently on the upper part of the sole, that is, the part where the sole gets connected to the upper body of the shoe.

Being such a tall shoe, it would be reasonable to expect the Custom Nike Dunk High SB Tigerflague to come with a rather lengthy shoelace affair, and in this respect it does not disappoint: coming as it does with a whopping 18-hole typing mechanism.

In keeping with its tradition in its new products (in a trend that is coming to be seen as the way of differentiating 'new' Nike shoe products from olden ones), the Nike Tick on the Custom Nike Dunk High SB Tigerflague is rather elongated, starting on a richly colored patch towards the center of the shoe, going all the way to the back of the shoe, and all the way round the back of the shoe to emerge at the opposite end of the shoe where it gets terminated.