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Cheap Underwear - Do We Really Care About Our Underwear?

As I said; cheap underwear. Do you, do people, really care about their underwear? Is it really that important that it says Bj?�rn Borg on the side, or that you see a strip saying D&G just above your jeans? Is there really something like wedding underwear, and why not wear no underwear at all?

For girls I can imagine, as the variety is bigger and more substantial. But for guys, the main focus in 80% would be; shorts or briefs? For me, I find it important that they're clean, that they're not smudgy around the edges and that they sit comfortably. With comfortably I do mean, that I don't notice them at all.

No I must admit, I have never worn a G-string (nor do I intend to), so I can not related to this. If you do, please let me know about your experience.

Anyway, my main conquest for the coming period will be finding out more about peoples wish list on underwear, because I just think, they should come cheap and easy!

Scrolling the web, the first thing I found is that Australia is by far Underwear Country Nr 1. in the world! Everything that goes a little deeper into the subject of underwear finds its routes down under. Think of AussieBum, Stonemen, Dugg and HisWare. They all show masculine men dressed in nothing but their undies. It does all look a bit over the top gay, but never the less does make you question you're hours in the gym recently.

The other strange thing about Boxer shorts is that they always seem to cost the same price? 2 for around 40 dollars. Why is that?

As you can see, still a lot of vague, unanswered lacking of facts which will summaries in a few weeks into a complete and interesting blog spot.

If you have any comments do feel free to share!